Opal lets your developers find and request access to GCP projects. Currently we support requesting viewer and editor roles to projects. In this article we'll walk you through how to add GCP projects to your Opal dashboard.

Adding a project

Step 1: Navigate to the Resource Manager

Access the resource manager using this link or find it by navigating to it: IAM & Admin > Manage Resources

Step 2: Label your project

Opal only adds permissions for projects that you label with opal. To do this, add a label to your project in the Resource Manager dashboard.

Adding a label to a project in GCP.

Adding a label to a project in GCP.

Accessing a project in Opal

If you successfully labeled your project in GCP, two permissions will show up in the Permissions page.

If you already have access to the project in GCP, through Opal or otherwise, you'll see a Connected label in the top right corner of the permission! The permissions to this project are granted to the GCP user that matches your email address.


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