Welcome! In this post, we'll go over Opal and the problems it tackles.

What is Opal?

Opal is a platform for organizations to manage and secure permissions. As users, you will use Opal to discover, request, and connect to your favorite tools and systems.

Common Problems Opal Solves

1.) Opal speeds up access requests and makes approval processes crystal clear.

In the past, access requests were time-consuming and confusing.

Employees requesting access don't always know who is approving their requests, why they get denied, or what resources they can request access to.

Employees approving requests often struggle to keep up with the volume of requests and might not have sufficient context to approve a request fast.

Opal solves this problem by delegating approvals to the right resource owners, enabling one-click approvals via Slack, and providing transparency around approval processes.

2.) Opal makes it easy to grant short-lived access to sensitive resources.

There are many use cases in which employees need access to sensitive resources for only a short amount of time, i.e. triaging bugs, being on-call, hiring contractors, etc. Many customers either manually grant and revoke access through calendar reminders or give access all the time.

Opal automates time-bounded access, providing both time-bounded and event-bounded access. For event-bounded access, we integrate with on-call providers like PagerDuty and support ticket platforms like JIRA. When an employee is on call or completes a ticket, Opal automatically provisions the correct access. This frees up engineering resources while helping you and your organization prioritize security.

3.) Opal provides a clear picture of access controls.

With Opal, it is easy to answer:

  1. Who has access to what?

  2. How did they get access?

  3. When was access granted?

  4. Why was it granted?

  5. When did the user access this resource?

Opal keeps a detailed log of every action, keeping it in one central location, so auditing is easy and you have transparency into every action.


Understanding Resources and Groups is key to using Opal with flying colors! First, let's dive into resources.

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