The first step in learning to use Opal is learning how to find what you need. Not only that, but it's important to know how to find what resources your teammates have access to, or discover resources you may need to request in the future. Before Opal, it wasn't always easy to discover resources and instantly see its context.

To discover resources:

  1. You can search in the search box by the team that owns the resource, or the name of the resource itself if you know it.

  2. You can click on one of the Content groups on the left-hand side to filter based on resource type.

  3. You can navigate to the Users or Groups tab and see what resources other users or groups have.

Every user and group has a Resources tab. Click on it to see what resources it has access to.

Every resource has the following traits:

  • Connection: The connection that the permission grants access to

  • Owner: The team that owns and manages this permission. It is the connection owner by default.

  • Description: A brief description populated from the end-system.

  • Visibility: A setting which determines who in your organization can find and request this permission.

  • Required response time: An SLA requirement that for now is only for display.

  • Required reviewers: A set of teams that need to approve access to the permission. (See 🔗 FAQ: What's the difference between an owning team and required reviewer?)

In the resources tab, you can easily see your access at a glance:

  • Unauthorized: You don't have access to these resources (but you can always request it!)

  • Authorized: these are the resources you have access to. This can show up as Session Started or Session Not Started when you hover over the check icon.

  • Pending: these are the resources that you have pending requests

💡 TIP: You can check the "Only my resources" box in the Resources tab to see ONLY what you have access to.


Now you're an expert at finding your way around Opal, you're ready to make your first request.

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